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REDHERRINGRedHerring baroque ensemble was founded in 2011 by Patrick Denecker as a logical consequence of the way paved by La Caccia, his Renaissance ensemble.

Specifically dedicated to the baroque repertory, RedHerring aspires to bring well-known as well as undiscovered works of the 17th and 18th centuries to the concert platform. Knowledge of 16th century music provides musical insights into the repertory of the baroque period and forms a logical and chronological continuation of adventurous explorations.

As always, their programmes are based on in-depth studies of historical performing practices.

Patrick Denecker is convinced that exciting concerts can be realized by immersing oneself in the spirit of the times in which the composer lived. The re-creating of music needs a strong base… this is silence. The listener is witness to this ‘new’ music, which is played as if just created, and thus brought with imagination and inventiveness.

RedHerring performs as a chamber music ensemble and as an orchestra.

In its short existence, RedHerring has already played in major festivals, including the MA Festival Bruges, The Utrecht Early Music Festival, Festival of Flanders, and others.

RedHerring runs its own concert series in Belgium and is regularly invited to create thematic programmes.



G.F. Händel: Sonatas & Cantatas
1 soloist, 3 musicians

G.F. Händel: Ode for St. Cecilia’s Day
Concerti grossi + Ode
2 soloists, choir, orchestra

Cecilia’s music
‘An entertainment for Saint Cecilia’s Day’
Works by Handel, Hayes and Pepusch
3 soloists, choir, 12 musicians

The perfect gentlemen
It illustrates musical life in the United Kingdom with songs and dances either still favored today.
1 recorder, 1 harpsichord

Noël à l’époque de Louis XIV
M.-A. Charpentier: Messe de minuit, Magnificat, Noëls
5 soloists, choir, 9 musicians

Bach vs Telemann
Concertos for recorder and harpsichord
10 musicians

Alessandro Scarlatti: Sonatas & Cantatas
Alto, 6 musicians

Pièces en concert ‘A la Chambre du Roy’
French court music
Works by Couperin, Monteclair, Dieupart, Lully
Soprano, 5 musicians

In Stil Moderno
The rise of the virtuoso sonata in 17th century Italy
Works by Cima, Fontana, Castello, Monteverdi, Frescobaldi
4 musicians











RedHerring G.F. Handel ©E. Lacroix.jpg

RedHerring A la chambre du Roy2


Debut CD:
La Muse et la mise [en Concert]
REDHERRING baroque ensemble
(Antarctica Records, 2016, 1 CD, Catalogue number: AR 003)

Release date Europe: 06 May, 2016





Ch. Dieupart: Quatrième Suite de Clavecin en concert
Anonymus: Dans les chansons que je compose
J.B. Lully: Je languis nuit et jour
F. Couperin:
     La Raphaele (Huitième ordre)
     Musette de Choisy (Quinzième ordre)
     Musette de Taverni (Quinzième ordre)
     Passacaille (Huitième ordre)
     Les Papillons (Second ordre)
     Les Silvains (Premier ordre)
     L’Etincelante ou la Bontems (Onzième ordre)
F. Bouvard: Chantez charmants oyseaux
J.B. Lully Se que me muero de amor
F. Couperin Quatrième Concert Royal
M.P. de Monteclair La bergère, cantate 

REDHERRING baroque ensemble
Soetkin Elbers, soprano 
Patrick Denecker, recorder 
Floris De Rycker, théorbe 
Kaori Uemura, viola da gamba 
Ryo Terakado, violin

Guy Penson, harpsichord



The wealth of solo harpsichord music which the French Baroque has produced is only a small part of the extended instrumental practice at the court of the Sun King. Many pieces of this solo repertoire were used as a base to start working out ‘orchestrated’ performances, the so-called practice of ‘mise en concert’.

RedHerring put this 18th century practice back into daylight and colorizes the new ‘mise en concerts’ pieces with flute, violin, viola da gamba, theorbo and harpsichord.

The singer will make use of the baroque gestures, a forgotten art!






Event Information:

  • Wed

    Antwerpen (Belgium)

    14:30Vleeshuis (Vleeshouwersstraat 38)

    In Stil Moderno

    Patrick Denecker, recorder & direction

    Tickets:  tel. +32 (0)3 292 61 01