CC72272-coverChallenge Classics is presenting on May 6th 2016 the new recording with the outstanding pianist Einav Yarden:

The six keyboard sonatas selected for this CD are taken from Haydn’s middle period, all written between 1773-1776 when he was loyally at the service of Prince Nikolaus Esterházy (and to whom three of the sonatas are dedicated). Even in the context of the vast development and change in his style in 60 years of composition – moving from the early Classical period and Style Galant, through the Empfindsamkeit and C.P.E Bach’s influence, to establishing and refining what is now the essence of “The Classical Style”- Haydn displays in a short period of 3 years an astonishing diversity of compositional techniques, modes of expression, style and characters. Most of the six selected sonatas are also quite rarely heard on the concert stage, have not been recorded often, and surprisingly, few pianists have been exposed to them. This CD sheds light on some of those wonderful ‘neglected’ sonatas, as well as aims at contributing to the growing revival of interest in Haydn’s genius as a keyboard composer.

Re­creating a 1770’s Sonata requires not just an automatic follower of direction signs, but a truly accomplished player. That is to say an imaginative, cultured, sensitive, and genuine musician who is an active participant in revealing the music’s structure, deep meaning and manifold beauty.